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I am da deep husky voice Leader Rapper, Bang Yongguk, frm group B.A.P BEST ABSOLUTE BEST. I was born on 3/31/90. Call me Mr Flintsones I can make ya bed rock.
WARRIOR from Planet Mato
If ya want me to be your anon, just ask me.
MSN: bangyongguk-anon@hotmail.com
Da first and original Bang Yongguk Anon.
I'm also a flirt. If ya under 18 GTF outta here. I warned ya.

Status: Wife 8/11/11
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my goal in life is to be as cool as nick from jimmy neutron  image

he looks like a mexican sasuke

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sexysunnyanon said: yes, yes i do want the dick

cum nd get it babe

sexysunnyanon said: #jus take off ya damn clothes really babe?


Feels so good being bad
There’s no way I’m turning back
Na na na, come on!

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